Odoo v8 Point of sale – Pricelist options

As we have already developed a module to apply pricelist in v7 Point of Sale but there are some changes we made for Odoo v8 point of sale.

As we normally do, here we have created a pricelist of 10%.

Odoo pricelist

Now in this screen, we assign pricelist to customer.

Assign pricelist to customer

Now, when we select customer from Point of Sale, then automatically, we can see in drop down list, particular pricelist will be visible.

pricelist in pos from customer

When we click on product, then that pricelist will be applied in the list.

Apply pricelist on products

Here are the list of pricelist options available. We can directly select pricelist from here also if we do not assign pricelist to customer but yes, as we normally do in Sales, for pricelist we must need customer to be selected.

Odoo pricelist options in pos