Supplier’s own Product Code and Name on RFQ, PO and Invoice instead of default product name and code

Normally in real life scenarios, all suppliers have their own calling code/name for their supplies products.
Today I am going to show you,
How to use supplier’s own product code and name on Purchase Quotation (RFQ), Purchase Order

(PO) and Purchase Invoice.

Step 1: Select any product and goto Formview > Procurements > add supplier’s information.
Step 2: Here I have added Asustak and configuring it’s product code and name.
             Product : Apple In-Ear Headphones
             Supplier : ASUSTek
             Product Code : ASUSE – APPLE-EAR-PHONE
             Product Name : Asus – Apple In-Ear Headphones
Step 3: Create Purchase Quotation (RFQ) with product Apple In-Ear Headphones.
             Product Description field will automatically pop out with Supplier’s product code and name.
Step 4: Confirm Quotation and convert to PO. Same Product Description will be used for PO.
Step 5: Transfer PO and Receive Incoming shipments. Now go for supplier’s invoice.
             Invoice is also pop out with supplier’s product code and name.


So here by configuring supplier’s product code and name, we will get same effect at RFQ, PO and Invoice.

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