Configure PostgreSQL for PgAdmin3

PgAdmin 3 is a database manager for the PostgreSQL, however, it does not install on the some platform along with the installation of PostgreSQL. PgAdmin3 will be installed on Windows and Mac along with the PostgreSQL, to install on Linux you need to install some additional packages and need some configuration.


Install & Configure

Install pgadmin3 on Ubuntu

openerp@openerp-desktop:/$ sudo apt-get install pgadmin3
Or install pgadmin3 on Fedora, CentOS, Redhat

openerp@openerp-desktop:/$ sudo yum install pgadmin3
The Default password for the user postgres is not set, to connect pgadmin3 with PostgreSQL you need to reset the password of postgres user. Use the command below to reset the password.

Check for database template1 and connect to the same

postgres@openerp-desktop:/$ psql -l
postgres@openerp-desktop:/$ psql template1
Reset the password for the postgres or any other user you plan to use to manage your databases, run below command to reset the password.

template1=# alter role postgres with password ‘postgres’;

Test Connection

To access your database using pgAdmin 3, you must configure the database connection as shown in the following figure:


Click on Ok to save server settings and you will be asked for a password each time when you connect to the PostgrSQL server.


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